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Does this sound familiar?

"I don't have a hearing loss. I just can't understand people."

Hearing loss comes on so gradually that people may not realize they are missing anything. They find it more difficult to understand television or radio even when the volume is turned up. Trying to comprehend what women and children say is especially frustrating. Download and complete this simple questionnaire to determine if you have a problem with hearing loss.

Going to live plays is usually a major disappointment. People think that modern actors do not know how to speak clearly. However, it is more likely that they cannot hear the high-pitched consonants of the actors' speech. The same holds true for movies, lectures and sermons.

Listening to music is no longer as enjoyable. It sounds monotone, flat and dull.

When talking to others, hearing impaired people probably lean toward the speaker to read lips without realizing they are doing it. They feel exhausted, having used up so much energy trying to hear. What would life be like without having to struggle so hard?

Attempting to socialize in an environment with background noise is very frustrating. It is likely that people stay away from restaurants and parties. After all, why should they bother going when it is impossible to understand anybody? Every day, these problems get worse.

These are the symptoms of age-related hearing impairment. The first step is to arrange for a hearing test in our office. Chances are that being fitted with digital hearing aids will prove to be the best solution.

A person who has a hearing loss and is doing nothing about it is cutting out an essential part of life. Share this article with friends and relatives who have a hearing loss. Have them contact us for an appointment.